Lovely Pictures of Animals

Baby animals are cute little creatures that make us feel happy. They are innocent, lovely and also friendly. If you take proper care, feed them well and play with them, these soft little animals will be your best and most loyal friends. To some people they like these softies so much that they decorate their house with animal pictures, toys and even animal decors. One of the most important characteristics of pet animals is their loyalty. They give unconditional love, even when you hit them and do not take proper care of them. We hope every individual who owns a pet animal should treat them well and make these animal the best friend.

Sometimes, when you look closely you are able to find loves from animals. To show case this we have collected some cute animal pictures to display the softer and lovely side of these animals.


Find The Best Proteins For Your Dog

“You are what you eat” is a saying that most of us heard and it surely has some truth to it. This saying not only applies to human but it also applies to cats and dogs. Some years back, a book came out called “Eat Right for Your Type” by nutritionist Dr. Peter D’Adamo. His concept is that we should examine our personal nutritional needs based on our blood types. For example, those with O blood have what he refers to as the “original hunter gatherer” blood type; in other words, according to Dr. D’Adamo’s theory,a person with blood type O will be healthiest on a meat-based diet with hardly any refined grains and sugars.Dr. D’Adamo also noted that genetic heritage as well as blood type plays a part in individual nutritional needs. This approach to human nutrition got me thinking about dogs. Canines do have blood types, but there was very little information about the differences between them. I began looking into what foods specific breeds would encounter in various climates and environments all over the globe, and wondered how important these geographical factors were in shaping our dog breeds. I asked myself the question: “Aren’t dogs genetically different depending on their inherited genes, just as people are?”

The importance of Ancestral Foods

Do dogs bred as companions still require their “ancestral” foods? I believe they do, and that eating “ancestral” meats, vegetables, fruits and some grains can be a key element in supporting vibrant health. I have found that when we gear the “foundation” meats, fish and vegetables to the region sour dogs developed in, magical health changes occur.Take the Samoyed who had brown tear stains, a dull coat and scratchy skin. One week on a fish and sweet potato based food and she was a new dog! Northern breeds such as huskies, malamutes and American Eskimo dogs evolved in very cold climates and ate high-fat diets of fish, seal or fried turkey in turkey deep fryer. Grains were non-existent. Root vegetables and animal wellness some berries were available during the very short growing season. These breeds consistently do poorly on poultry and grain based dry foods. Some individuals have done all right on lamb or beef, buttypical commercial dry foods contain far too many grains for these dogs.

Dogs Are Our Friends – Take Good Care Of Them

If you have a pet dog, it will give you unconditional love and loyalty for its entire life. They help us in different ways, guarding our house in our absence or playing with us when we are bored. In return dogs need us to provide with food, shelter, veterinary care and companionship.
dog care
According to animal experts dogs were domesticate way before 10000 years ago and all dogs were evolved from the wolf.
Humans have selectively bred more than 400 breeds, ranging in size from four-pound teacup poodles to Irish wolfhounds, whose three-foot stature earns them the title of tallest canine. But the most popular pooches are non-pedigree—the one-of-a-kind dogs known as mixed-breeds.

Dog Care

Like any other pets, dog also need our care and attention. Dogs are complex animal and taking care of them can be challenging. And since there are many breed of dogs and every dog can have different needs at different situation, there is no one perfect way to take care of all dogs. But here are some points which you work on.

Give your dog proper protection

A fenced yard with a doghouse is a great, especially for large and active dogs; however, they should never be left outside alone or for long time. Dogs need and crave companionship and should spend most of their time with their family, not alone outside.

Don’t Kill Rats – Make Them as Your Friend

Like many other animals, rats and mice are also social animals and they love to remain together, play and enjoy from each others company. Those who want to keep rat as pet should understand that animals are socialized by being handled by humans and exposed to day to day human activities. In order to bond to humans and become a good pet, a baby animal must be held, petted, cuddled, talked to, carried around and exposed to normal human activities and sounds. Most people do this with kittens and puppies and kittens but they don’t do this with caged pets like rats and mice.

Cruel Treatment With Rats

Rats and mice are treated very cruelly both by ordinary people and also those who sell rats in pet shops. Often rats and mice are killed using rat poisons are using glue traps . Many of us are not even aware that most of the rats and also mice in pet shops are sold as food for snakes. You may have noticed on many pet shop that lists rat by different sizes such as small, medium, large, this is for snake owners who often buy rats for their snakes.